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Why Titan Off Road, Why now? With all the other clubs around?

TitanOffRoad.com  was created to be the best 4WD club around, not the biggest. While we have a "staff" this site belongs to its members. You control what happens and when, please get involved and speak your opinions.

Titan Off Road is not here to compete with the other clubs, we take a friendly stance and welcome you to join them all. We don't charge to be a part of the club and we offer our site decals to our registered members after a donation of your choice.

We stand true to the "family friendly" club term, we never have a age restriction on any event. We are here to help one another, to enjoy wheeling in what God has created while respecting the land and one another. We are an all encompassing four wheel drive club that has great morals.

Titan Off Road will be the club that you feel great about and will want to bring the whole family out too.

Titan Off Road's Mission is to be the best it can be, to help others that are in need. Titan Off Road intends to help the community more than it helps itself. Money Titan Off Road generates will not go into anyone's pocket. It will go to providing our club's shirts, stickers, etc.. and what's left each quarter of the year will be donated to a charity in the name of the Titan Off Road.

If you share the same views as what we do, you have joined the right club. Glad to have you and can't wait to see you on the trails!

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